Another ghost

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Far too sober
My crowded head converses
with planetary waves
and unpleasant fear slinks in to the open chasms
where my usual distractions run thin.
It takes a while for some things to sink in.
Just when I get a grip
it’s too good to be true now isn’t it?
Ill slip back down deep
In these cold bed sheets
scents remain, haunting and abstract
her lavender and vanilla extract
hold me here in this suffocating space
in this ghostly embrace



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Stiff and staccato
fingers pluck
fresh steel strings
on a warped and warn
Raw and ragged
seraphic chime
Stomping time into fine signature wine
While the mind unwinds and turns
And the boiling


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Realization is a bitch
When you know you got nothin
but your flesh and your baggage
and the only way to get what you need
Is to put what you want on hold
And everyone is saying this world is ending
all the while I am editing
With no audience
besides the other folks who live in my head
Baby I was sailing on a cloud
When you shot me down
and now my knuckles are bleached white
gripping on the ledge
of the skyscrapers we built
in the movie theaters
when you traced my veins
with your french manicure
during the dull dialogue
or the vague sex scenes
and I explored your clavicle
with my cuticles
when you apologized
in advance
for fucking me over
when you asphyxiated my will
with your disregard.

Green tea

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Add me to your collection
Of texts that you don’t read
And you can get connected
To shit that I don’t need
I try to cut away
But keep me constantly
dog eyed and drowsy
Headaches rampantly expelling the words
I have to say to you in all sorts of backwards terms
and hazy recollections of premeditated monologues
incubated on the monorail home
from h.h. Holmes
to me casa
que pasa
be real with me
you know that we are getting too old
to wait for shit to unfold
in its own sweet time
it’s twelve o clock
and my watch stopped
the moment your laugh
made my emotional bombs drop
wreaking chaos in my nervous system
nerve gas in your perfume
one day soon neither of us will look this good
or sound this honey sweet green tea leaves.

back track

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Keep telling myself to leave her alone
and here I am back on the phone
whisper it is all right
we will drive all night
over three hundred miles of concrete
to see the sun rise on the beach
and sprawl out in the sand
and forget about the things at hand
let it be known
my will is not my own
and my strength is derived
and guided by my
desire sustained
by the hope that I can obtain
her but I know she
will do nothing but destroy me
and as the phoenix rises from the ash
I will rise from the broken glass
mirror shards
and dive bars
stronger good as new
but still the same fool
ready to break my rules
all over again I lose
at once in the same damn way
twice in the same damn day
thrice in the same damn daze
fool in the rain
moth to the flame
mouse to the trap
but I keep on goin back and back and back

Prayer to brainlord

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Thirsty grey sponge of knowledge
Vacuum of infinite proportions
Assemble clarity from the tattered remains
Of half spun phrases and discontent
And regenerate the abused circuits
so that I may seek higher wisdom.

What that sigh meant

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You asked what was that sigh
I lied and said I was just tired but I mean:

Even the lightest step
on the stairwell outside of my apartment
revives my fantasy
of you sneaking into my room
in the middle of the night.
I told you I would leave the door unlocked
and leave on the porch light
so you could find your way
back into my arms
if you realized that I was right about us.
Why can’t you just tell me
it’s not what you want when
I beg you to stay and you
make up a story about
why you can not,
please cut me off,
please let me go
because I cannot
get out without
knowing that I am
not secretly getting somewhere
inside that mysterious mind
between your pearl earrings,
I said I would do anything
and you told me I was perfect
and not to change,
but than why am I still
fucking desperate and begging,
chasing your high with two bottles of wine
Wasting my nights
Waiting on you to decide

But I’m really just tired.